Sunday, August 1, 2010

Something New

I find myself in between stages of my life. I have graduated from high school, and am impatiently waiting for the college year to start.
So what to do with myself? I could sit around reading like I always do, or I could try something new. Having never blogged before, I find myself drawn to the idea. 
I had a column in my high school's newspaper, but subject matter was restricted to what is considered school-appropriate, which can be suffocatingly strict.
What will follow in this blog will likely be mostly political in nature, as that is what largely occupies my interest. I am open to hearing what you think about my ideas - I am open to a discussion.
While I experiment with this, I anticipate that I will make mistakes, that I will say something in more antagonistic a way than I intend, and that someone will be kind enough to correct me. I am a passionate individual, and sometimes I come off too strongly, and must rein myself in so as not to insult everyone around me. 
With that in mind, please do not become personally insulted by something I say - call me on being too narrow in my argument.

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