Friday, September 3, 2010


I was reading about Ruth Ginsberg's speech - the one her husband wrote and that she delivered in his place - on Slate, and they brought up Sarah Palin.
Now, I cannot stand that woman (Palin, not Ginsberg - I love Ginsberg).
She labels herself a feminist, and I cannot think of anyone who is LESS of one.
She is against abortion - THE women's right - and LGBT rights. She continually voted against healthcare measures in Alaska that would have helped thousands of lower-income children get coverage.
The brand of feminism that Palin promotes in not feminism - she only takes one facet of it (motherhood) and even then she takes away the choices inherent in it.
Real feminism is the fight for the rights of all, no matter their gender.
Despite many people's beliefs to the contrary, the feminist movement is not over - women make about 80 cents for a man's dollar, LGBTs have almost no rights in the legal or social system, and pro-lifers continually wreak havoc and violence on those who make the difficult choice to have an abortion - and with people like Palin gaining popularity through false labels and skewed values, it does not look to be over any time soon.

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